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Employment and part-time work

We expect at least 5 years of experience and a degree in linguistics.
Currently, we are offering part-time work to translators for the following languages:

position language  experience  other 
Court interpreter English /
Court interpreter German /
Court interpreter French /
Court interpreter Italian /
Court interpreter Cro / Ser /
Court interpreter Czech /
Court interpreter Spanish /
simultaneous interpreter English 5 years
simultaneous interpreter German 5 years
simultaneous interpreter Italian 5 years
simultaneous interpreter French 5 years
translator English 5 years
translator German 5 years
translator Hungarian 5 years
translator Slovakian 5 years
translator Ukranian 5 years
translator Cro->Slo 5 years
translator proof-reader English 5 years native speaker
other All Languages 5 years  

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