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Professional proofreading services

Translations and proofreading with translation agency. Did you take care of translations of your text? Think about proofreading as well, since you won't need to worry about your text being perfectly translated and proofread.

Price of translations: 16 to 20.5 euros / page Click for Pricelist

Proofreading and translation

For more information call: (+386) 01.4301.541

We offer professional proofreading of all types of texts. Do you have a ten page text or maybe it has 300 pages, a thesis, a contract, an essay or any other type of text? translation agency will help you eliminate grammatical and spelling mistakes and we will make sure the flawless text adheres to all language rules.

Proofreading and correction of texts, 1,500 characters without spaces    
3.8 eur + VAT
7.9 eur + VAT
7.9 eur + VAT
7.9 eur + VAT
7.9 eur + VAT
7.9 eur + VAT
7.9 eur + VAT
  All other languages

7.9 eur + VAT

Send us your text and our best qualified proofreaders will review it, correct it and return it to you in perfect form and without any mistakes. We work with individuals, as well as international companies and organizations since we proofread all types of texts, from the simple ones to extremely demanding ones.

Send us your order and we will proofread your text quickly. The same form can be used for translations as well.


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Translation time: 5-10 pages / day.
Legal entities (companies) are billed after service is provided. 

For payment via money order (natural persons) click here.

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