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Professional translation services

We offer quality and quick simultaneous and consecutive translations of texts with best trained translators who are able to translate into more than 30 languages.

Price of translations: 16 to 20.5 euros / page Click for Pricelist

Simultaneous and consecutive translations

For more information call: (+386) 01.4301.541
 Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation, 1 hour    
79 eur + VAT
79 eur + VAT
79 eur + VAT
79 eur + VAT
79 eur + VAT
79 eur + VAT
79 eur + VAT
79 eur + VAT
79 eur + VAT
79 eur + VAT


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Translation time: 5-10 pages / day.
Legal entities (companies) are billed after service is provided. 

For payment via money order (natural persons) click here.

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